As a Registered Nurse and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I take pride in serving families who are looking for a root-cause approach to their health. Working in a three or six month container together, we spend dedicated time to really optimize your health. I work endlessly to provide you with foundational support, root-cause solutions, and balance for your busy life.

1:1 Holistic Health Coaching

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"Ellen is very detail-oriented, providing high level support during our time working together. I first started working with Ellen for support for my daughter, which was exactly what we needed at the time. Now I am working on MY health with her, which has been nothing short of phenomenal."

"Ellen went above and beyond my expectations."

I need this!


6 month option

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with five, 40 minute 1:1 sessions

with eight, 40 minute 1:1 sessions

3 month option

Detailed notes with each consultation
Chat support within working hours (M-F, 9-5am)
Personalized protocols
Adjustments as needed
Habit tracker for creating consistency
Printable chart for supplement support organization
Fully discounted supplements from eligible dispensaries
Access to food and lifestyle tracking
Access to educational resources

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You're at your wits end when it comes to navigating your child's symptoms. You've tried everything and you are desperate for answers, for healing.

You just want your child back.

You want them to be able to communicate the way you know they should be able to.

You want them to have a break from the recurring sickness, swollen tonsils, aches, and pains.

You want them to be able to experience life, without having to worry about every single thing they come in contact with.

You know that taking this step for your child is BIG, but you understand that at this point, you need extra support and you would do anything for your child. 

Let me guess...

I'm here, eager to support you as soon as you are ready.

I'm ready.

You've been struggling with symptoms for quite some time. You never really realized how much they have been affecting your life, because they have BECOME your life.

Hiding your eczema is at the forefront of your mind when buying new clothes.

How you will feel after the meal is always the main consideration when ordering out. 

Planning a night out? Better start trying to catch up on sleep now, because you know you'll be completely exhausted for several nights after.

You are scared to get started, because you're not really sure what steps you will have to take in order to heal-- but you know you have to make the leap.

You're tired of feeling out of touch with your body, and want to start feeling in tune with your body, instead.

or maybe you're looking for support for yourself...

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Get clear direction on exactly how to optimize your health by obtaining bloodwork and urinalysis to detect areas of stress, deficiencies, and other health patterns.

A complimentary, fifteen minute call to review what may bv the best step for you in your journey, while also exploring our compatibility.

Uncover root causes and potential factors in your health, to move through drainage, detox, and restoration with ease-- starting with an exact blueprint specific to your bio-individuality.

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