I’m not exactly sure where I first heard the quote, but after working with many children and mothers separately, I’ve realized this: the best healing takes place when we focus on the mother and the child together, instead of only choosing one to focus on.

Unfortunately when families are seeking care outside of the conventional medical system, testing, programs, services, etc can be expensive and not covered by conventional insurance. These hurdles are some of the reasons why families may have to decide on the one family member who needs the most help. Moms, as we typically do, will put their children first and put their own healing journey on the back burner. This is especially true when the child may require more energy and resources, some would say complex (although I don’t exactly love this terminology), because the mother may feel as though there is no extra time or energy to spend on herself.

This is exactly why I’ve created this package.

I’m Ellen Kopp— a mom to three precious girls, a wife, a nurse, a holistic health practitioner, and a child of God. I pray and suspect that not only my experience, but also my true personality, will shine through on this package to serve you and your family with connection and grace.

To my knowledge, there is no package like this in the holisitc health space— and no one in this space with the background that I have. I don’t say that to brag (trust me I second guessed even writing such a bold statement), but I do believe my experience in conventional medicine, holistic health, and personal life, has allowed me to serve mothers and children in such a unique way.

With my experience caring for individuals at all ages and stages of life, I must say, mothers and children are my favorite. When I started my own practice, I was told multiple times I needed to niche down— but I didn’t want to. I enjoyed serving everyone. As I gained more experience serving different populations, I came to realize that there was a niche that needed more knowledgeable practitioners to serve them. Two populations, actually, that when served together, have higher rates of progress and success. Serving the mother and child together is a synergistic miracle that allows for optimal family healing. 

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this unique package is truly one of a kind

In my experience, taking a root cause and whole body approach takes time. Six months is a very realistic timeline to work 1:1 to address symptoms and optimize health for the mother and child together, however some may require more time.

I have chosen every aspect and detail to be specific to
family needs, innate intelligence, and whole body healing.

 Using bioenergetics, we can reveal underlying imbalances that could be contributing to symptoms and dysfunction in the body and mind. This is a non-invasive approach that is my preferred method of testing for pediatric clients. Utilizing this approach for both mom and the child, we can explore patterns that could be generational or interconnected to give more insight and understanding. This is extremely helpful in building protocols, too. 

The fully discounted supplement offer is something I wanted to include, because if you are purchasing supplements for multiple family members, I know this can get expensive and I don’t want this potential roadblock to hold you back from optimizing your healing journey. 

To explore some of the main details of this package, and why I chose these specifics, I have outlined this below. 

we need this and I'm ready to apply

six months of 1:1 support
six 60 minute video calls
two bioenergetic scans
two recorded scan reviews
discounted supplements
unlimited chat support
protocol adjustments
access to educational resources

estimated value: $6,200

the total value

Remember that this is a package deal— this is for the mother and child. The six video calls will be to discuss health of both mother and child, as this package aims to serve them both, but not separately. With sixty minutes each, the consults should provide ample time to discuss both the mother and child. Chat support will be available between calls. Mom and child will get one bioenergetic scan each to gain insight.  

the investment

applications for this package will be accepted after a monthly review of my current capacity

  • payment plan available
  • HSA/FSA eligible 
  • *US residents only (cannot reside in NY)

"OUR health is important, and I'm ready to see us thrive"

if you're looking to feel supported, encouraged, and empowered as you heal WITH your child, then the wholesome mother + child package is exactly what you're looking for.

Let's do it.

we need this and I'm ready to apply

If you're considering the
Wholesome Mother + Child package but you want to ensure this is a good option for you and your family, I would love to meet with you.

Book a complimentary fifteen minute call to discuss your concerns and your visons in creating optimal health for you and your family. 

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