Uncover root causes and potential factors in your health,
to move through drainage, detox, and restoration with ease-
starting with an exact blueprint specific to your bio-individuality.


I want this blueprint

diving deep into your body's innate intelligence

what does your body consider a priority for the healing process?

at what layer does your body want to begin healing?

are there potential imbalances (nutritional, hormonal, neurological, etc.) that could promote change and healing, if brought into balance?

what organs or organ systems are currently stressed or weakened?

where could your body use the most support?

which drainage pathways are stressed, or stagnant?

what toxins may putting additional stress on the body?

get real answers to your overall health picture, with a customized blueprint outlining your body's innate intelligence

a scheduled 1:1 virtual consultation for additional intake and overview of your bioenergetic blueprint

this 19 page report includes scan results, your individualized protocol, your long term healing plan, and more -- creating a customized blueprint for ultimate health

30 days of chat support
and an invitation to work 1:1 with me if applicable
it is important to feel supported as you start implementing a new protocol, I will give you access to 1:1 chat support from me, a nurse and holistic health practitioner, for questions related to your protocol and implementation


"I was honestly surprised when I had a bio-energetic scan done with Ellen at the first of this year. I chose to get a bioenergetic scan for me and my baby, who was breastfeeding at the time. She guided me through dietary changes that were unique to mine and my child's sensitivities. I was shocked to see so many true emotional connections to how I was feeling or where I was neglecting my own health. Overall, it was great to see an exact plan for what we needed to do to combat the digestive and skin concerns we were having."

"Incredibly insightful!"

I need this type of insight!


working with the innate intelligence of your body, we can shift current mechanisms to work in your favor

at this point you've
  • sought out conventional medicine, to be left feeling confused, dismissed, and frustrated with your experience
  • tried (or considered) testing for allergies, food sensitivities, and gut imbalances, with no clear answers
  • cut out foods and household products that were potential triggers, only to be left feeling more overwhelmed
  • researched for hours WHAT could be causing your child's symptoms, only to be completely exhausted by all the advice on the internet
  • done your absolute best and you're willing to try ONE MORE thing...

this is the perfect option for your child who:

struggles to have consistent bowel movements

has relentless eczema, and you can't seem to find clear patterns or triggers

hasn't been the same since a recent illness

can't seem to stay "healthy" since starting school

has recurring infections

struggles with outbursts, anger, and sensory issues

has consistently swollen tonsils or lymph nodes

despite doing
"All the right things"

Let's do it.

Bioenergetic testing is a non-invasive option to explore your health through a comprehensive lens.

Utilizing bioenergetics involves taking a biological sample or being, and analyzing the energy that it is presently holding.

I use sample testing in my practice, specifically hair/nails and saliva.

This is done by using a biofeedback device known as a Qest4. Just as other common testing utilizes feedback from your body (like EKGs or MRIs), bioenergetics works in a very similar way. 

This is not a new technique, but rather a well respected modality first used by Dr. Voll, and backed by over 40 years of utilization and research. 

How does this work?

Listen to my incredible mentor, Lauren Baca, speak on this subject in her podcast.

I'll send you the sample collection kit in the mail. It will include two sterile cotton swabs, a sample collection bag, instructions, and a pre-labeled envelope to send your samples back in.

You'll get your sample collection kit in the mail, collect your samples, and send them back.

I'll receive your samples, run the scan, and create the report. Your report will be uploaded under "documents" in Practice Better on the day of your 1:1 consultation.

Your 30 days of chat support begin the day your report is uploaded. When we walk through your Bioenergetic Blueprint, we will discuss your options for supporting you further to optimize the whole process.

the process

and while the bioenergetic blueprint is a perfect option for kids, it's really incredible for adults, too

  • payment plan available
  • HSA/FSA eligible 
  • *US residents only (cannot reside in NY)

Let's do it.


She told me she knew she needed updated labs, because it had been a few years. But she was apprehensive due to previous experiences and her deep fear of needles. She said if it was absolutely necessary she would go and do it, but she wanted to know if she had other options. She mentioned wanting to gain insight on her hormones and digestion, too, so I suggested a bioenergetic scan instead. She was able to collect the samples at the convenience of her own home,  mail them in, and receive information on her hormones, nutrition, and SO much more. She was extremely happy with the decision to use this testing modality instead, because of the unique perspective it revealed.

the GOLD STANDARD for root-cause care

if you're looking to uncover root causes and potential factors in your health,
to move through drainage, detox, and restoration with ease-
the bioenergetic blueprint is exactly what you're looking for.

If you're considering this testing option for you and your child, you may explore my
Wholesome Mother + Child package.

You're looking for holistic health for yourself or your child, but it's difficult to decide who needs supported first. You typically put your child's needs before yours, but you also understand the importance of filling your cup. So why choose, when I can support you both? If you're looking to heal WITH your child, you're going to love this package option.

this package may serve you best

wanting to explore this type of testing for you and your child?

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